Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs’ fall collection was great for what it wasn’t: flashy, over-styled or obvious. It was familiar without being boring, like a favorite Sunday meal at your Nana’s. The soft jazz-inflected rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, the realistically heeled shoes, the slightly frumpy silhouettes and the pleasantly awkward hem lengths brought to mind the Marc we fell in love with twenty-odd years ago. Jacobs also deserves plaudits for his diverse model casting and his focus on America’s greatest contribution to the fashion vocabulary: sportswear. Besides his light-handed use of fall’s overwhelming fur and velvet trends, standout pieces included an impeccably tailored double-breasted pantsuit, a sequined shift beaded only in the front and a parade of fantastic winter coats you wanted to snatch off the runway and wear straight into a snowy Manhattan night.

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