Rad Hourani

As I left Rad Hourani’s fall show, the inquisitive texts poured in: “Did Rad do color this season?” Alas, it was not meant to be; “110% black!” my texts fired back. But while Hourani’s familiar army of androids stormed down the runway at breakneck speed, there was, however, an evolution in the increased utility and versatility of his post-goth aesthetic. The black-on-black origami lapels, slatted leather leggings and unisex tunics all figured prominently. But his poly-stylistic “jacket,” for example, appeared as outerwear, a vest or a deconstructed cocoon hanging from the waist. Meanwhile, his backpacks give Wang’s 90s revivalist version a run for its money; Rad’s are meaner, leaner and strappier. Even better? His hybrid version can integrate right into the back of a coat. Noir utilitarianism fit for a sniper.

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