Dunhill Party in New York

Alfred Dunhill started as a humble saddlery business in Victorian England before growing into a serious purveyor of fancy gentleman’s accouterments that would make 007’s Q stutter. Sadly, over time, excessive licensing diluted the the once-staid name, but these days Dunhill is on the rise again, thanks to the appointment of Kim Jones as creative director. On Thursday night, as if celebrating the revival, Alfred’s ghost seemed to haunt a former meat plant on West 13th Street in Manhattan, where the label recreated Bourdon House, its stately London home and flagship. Jones was on hand to explain his handsome ready-to-wear, accessories and their sometimes odd origins, like eyeglasses made out of flint dredged up from the Thames. We asked what his favorite New York pastime is. “I love walking around the city and popping into bookshops.” Any favorites? “Yes, I love that little one on Bond Street near Lafayette.” He meant Dashwood, a fave of ours, too.

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