Headline Trip

Oh, DVF, your words of wisdom unfurl like a slinky wrap dress at a swingers’ party: “Commitment and marriage are two different things! Weddings make me nervous.” (Page Six Magazine)

Similarly, Bruce LaBruce shares this tip: “Nothing like a hustler 2 bring u out of a blue funk & restore your appetite. And if you’re in the mood for romance, the Brazilians, even the straight ones, will kiss with abandon!” (Facebook)

Or, if you’re feeling lonesome on Valie’s Day, Vogue the pain away with a special screening of Paris Is Burning at MOMA—because being that fierce is truly an art form. (MOMA)

In a strange turn of events, a once star-struck Marc Jacobs has turned his back on celebrities. Apparently he thinks they’re a snooze now. What this says about the last ten years of his adverts, we’re not sure. (Style.com)

Believe it or not, even Mademoiselle had her rare off moments. Douglas Kirkland captured them, and gives us a glimpse in his latest exhibition, Coco At Home, opening today. (Galerie Basia Embiricos)

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