On a High Note

We admit we’ve fallen a bit behind on our opera lately, but who has time to trek uptown and sit three hours listening to stuffed songbirds in overly styled costumes? (This is why we avoid the Grammys.) But the Met is giving us a reason to dust off those opera glasses with what may be its chicest production to date, a re-imagining of Giuseppe Verdi’s Attila, premiering February 23. We say “chicest” because the set and costumes are a collaboration between two masters of modernism: Miuccia Prada and architects Herzog & de Meuron. Hardly needing an introduction, these are the talents responsible for, among many other things, last season’s medieval footwear and a little thing called the Bird’s Nest at the Beijing Olympics. No sneak peeks yet, but it’s bound to blow those old-school breastplates and horns out of the water. 

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