If your daily Paxil and vodka intake isn’t a good indication of where you are these days, emotionally speaking, might we suggest a handbag? Seems the touchy-feely folks at Ogilvy came up with a new ad concept for Louis Vuitton, featuring a series of “emotion monitoring” leather goods. Soon, in lieu of pill cases or hidden flasks, your pochette could conceivably come with another fun accessory: HERM, short for Heart and Emotion Rate Monitor. Yes, really. Unfortunate acronyms aside, the little doodad would transmit location and heartbeat to the owner’s iPhone, where the vital data (including every “journey” taken with your bag) is stored in an app. You’d thus have a visual reminder of your heart exploding upon realizing you’ve lost your keys or, conversely, a love-at-first-sight moment—thanks, of course, to that one very necessary high-tech purchase.

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