Police Action

Perfect as they are, even models take a tumble from time to time. Take Prada poster boy Nick Snider, who followed up a whirlwind tour of the menswear shows (including a choice spot in the YSL line-up) with a rowdy, drunken bender in Arkansas that landed him in a very different kind of big house, according to Smoking Gun. The incident began with disorderly conduct and a subsequent run-in with Arkansas police, whose reprimands were met with priceless pleas like “I’m a very famous model.” Unmoved by his editorial prowess, the boys in blue swiftly arrested him, and that’s where the plot thickens. En route to the slammer, Snider allegedly offered to barter sexual favors for his freedom. We’re all for blowing off steam, but c’mon. Like a sublime mix of Zoolander and CSI (with a little Deliverance thrown in), the incident didn’t stop Snyder from posting bail in time for the upcoming New York shows. We’re not sure if this will tarnish his image or increase his day rate, but we’re certainly looking forward to spotting him at after-parties.

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