Ice Shelf

Johnny Weir’s penchant for outré athletic garb—fox fur trim, mesh cutouts and lots o’ glitter—is essentially a given. But the figure skater, reality star and sometime model will soon be kicking it up a notch, courtesy of Rodarte. This Sunday, Weir will appear in a New York Times Magazine spread helmed by Ryan McGinley (who first mentioned the shoot to us at Art Basel), clad in a full-body, crochet knit jumpsuit. Suffice it to say, the image reveals more than just Weir’s facility with a double axel; the outfit shows quite a bit of skin (not unlike the duo’s new men’s sweaters), including a very tight and taut Olympic posterior. Something tells us the Lady Gaga-loving, high heel-wearing enemy-of-PETA is totally in his element.

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