Hint Tip: Costume Designer Guild Awards

You know it’s award season when publicists flood your inbox with press releases about C-list celebs wearing their Project Runway-reject clients. Between deleting said emails and struggling through the Oscars in March, we’ll be waiting on pins and needles to hear the outcome of the Costume Designer Guild Awards on February 25 (it won’t be televised, sadly, but we’ll sniff it out). The noms, announced today, include the latest and greatest in film and television—Grey Gardens, Coco Before Chanel and Mad Men among them. While we stand behind the Guild’s selection of Big Love—resident Mormon minx Chloë Sevigny really knows her way around a ruffle blouses—it’s going head to head with the glittery gayness of Dancing With the Stars. Who to root for, pray tell! But the toughest competition may very well be the contemporary film category, which we predict will go to Brüno’s skimpy yellow lederhosen or Mo’Nique’s ever-present do-rag—even if our vote would go to Mimi’s moustache.

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