Headline Trip

Talk about a blast from the past (or the nineties). Josephus Thimister makes his return to couture after a decade-long hiatus with a romantic yet conceptual collection based on “bloodshed and opulence.” (Vogue UK)

Martin has left the building, but that’s no reason to let yourself go. Indulge in the scent of absence with the new Martin Margiela perfume, debuting at Colette. (Colette)

British artist Banksy is all about guerrilla antics. His latest: nearly revealing his identity on the big screen at Sundance. (Guardian)

How better to recover from this month’s fashion bender than with an art chaser? Start on the road to recovery with Matthew Barney’s latest adventure in London. (Slamxhype)

Is Fashion’s Night Out debuting in Paris soon? Anna’s certainly pushing it, advising the French in the ways of stimulating the economy with retail gimmicks. (WSJ)

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