Hint Tip: Justin Bond

That performance artist and self-proclaimed “tranny witch” Justin Bond—aka Kiki of Kiki & Herb—chose the blasphemous 1971 camp classic The Devils as his IFC Center Queer/Art/Film selection shouldn’t surprise any of his fans (follow him on Twitter and you’ll see what we mean). Says Bond about his first viewing, “I knew I was watching something ‘evil’ that I shouldn’t be exposed to and I was thrilled.” Starring Vanessa Redgrave as a hunchbacked, horny nun in 17th-century France, the Ken Russell-helmed movie originally received an X rating back in the day. Not to worry, Bond will present tonight’s (alas, sold out) show in all its uncut glory. Curated by Butt contributing editor Adam Baran and filmmaker Ira Sachs, the series will continue through April, featuring a new film the last Monday of every month. Come February, check out The Lost Films of Charles Ludlam, presented by Antony Hegarty of Antony & the Johnsons. 

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