Sao Paulo Fashion Week: Day 4

Like most of the Latinate persuasion, Brazilians have the uncanny ability to party until the wee hours, if not late into the next day, and continue completely unscathed (see also Greeks, Italians, the Spanish and anyone who routinely visits Ibiza). Despite my tropical roots, I do not fare as well. So day four starts with me reeling from the previous night’s  J-luz bash. I struggled through with my sunglasses as my only comfort.

Still, in my somnambulist and stimulus-sensitive state, I managed to catch a few highlights. Amapo was a festive, if queasy, mix of eclectic references and kaleidoscopic prints. Like Jeremy Scott and Vivienne Westwood squeezed through a tropical strainer, it was a tall serving of spazz, but with some intriguing moments. Huis Cos, conversely, offered a somber antidote with a refined offering in a restrained palette of off-whites. Wrapped in turbans, his zen models looked like angelic Florence Nightingale clones, all bone-white satin draping with a slight Victoriana feel. Second Floor presented a Brazilian spin on the British boarding-school look, complete with a backdrop of a library and fall leaves, imported for the occasion, I imagine. Well-constructed and retail-friendly, it was one of the more succinct and wearable collections. Moments included supple leather booties, all sorts of trench variations for boys and girls, and some killer eyewear.

The day closed with Animale, a heavy-hitter that rakes in the likes of Isabeli Fontana and Raquel Zimmerman to spearhead the line-up. The collection was daring, pushing an unapologetic, hard futurism, as with a spiky pink dress and perplexing, mind-bending outerwear, perfect for a Rihanna music video, or Comicon. Yet the crowd sat entirely indifferent, mesmerized by the strutting of its hometown girls.

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