Stumbling over really cool shit is what internet randomness is really about. Take, for example, the above video of test footage from Henri-George Clouzot’s famous “lost film” from 1964, Inferno. The unfinished film is the subject of a recent documentary, but on their own, bits like these experimental shots of Romy Schneider are reminiscent of photographer Erwin Blumenfield’s experimental advertising films from around the same time, like Process and Surrealism (see below). And of course, it’s the internet that has given Blumenfield’s fashion work new life, too. SHOWstudio’s tribute has been followed by Blumenfield appreciation in T Magazine’s blog, and this gallery of images on the design blog A Journey Round My Skull, scanned from a 1944 issue of Popular Photography. These two videos seem to both anticipate and transcend contemporary fashion advertising, once again revealing its close relationship with art.

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