Paris Men’s Week: Comme des Garçons

If you’ve had it with that old jacket and trousers, why not layer it with a pair of matching shorts? That’s the stylish addition Rei Kawakubo proposed at Comme des Garçons, in polite gray with good-boy appeal, even if the rest of the collection looked more like turn-of-the-century rescue workers. Kawakubo put deep-pocket life-savers under jackets and scooped in waists with curvy seaming, all in wrinkled, shrunken worker fabrics. The lady who put Marc Jacobs in a kilt is also trying out a new, longer man-skirt. She dressed up the cardigan with a little rough fur trim that could have been torn off the back of a yeti, while her pièce de résistance was a big bear of a fake fur coat, a cross between that Joe College classic and a wild animal suit.

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