Headline Trip

It’s hard to believe that the original elfin waif, Kate Moss, has entered the Sex and the City age bracket, celebrating her 36th birthday over the weekend. Vogue UK looks back at some of her more memorable moments. (Vogue UK)

Speaking of growing up fast, those little fashion munchkins, the Olsen twins, are taking The Row to the next level with their first presentation slated for New York Fashion Week. (WWD)

Start spreading the sunscreen and shooting up with B-12 because the latest Coachella line-up has just been announced, including faves like Grizzly Bear, Vampire Weekend and Charlotte Gainsbourg. (Coachella)

Ever-versatile (at least, um, professionally), Tom Ford tries his hand at journalism, chatting up Nicolas Ghesquière for the new Interview. A study in polar oppositions, the story allegedly sticks to neutral subjects like golf. Fascinating. (WWD)

James Franco continues his flirtation with the other team, slated to play poet Allen Ginsberg in his next flick, Howl. It’s a cruel tease, but we live on hopes and dreams. (Vanity Fair)

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