Po-Yo? No, No

The fashion world has been holding its breath since the sudden closure of both Yohji Yamamoto stores in New York last week. Since then, it surfaced that the brand will suspend the Y’s menswear line and is also considering shuttering its outpost in Antwerp. If they can’t push ripped prairie dresses in the home of deconstruction, the situation might be dire indeed. What would a po-Yo world even look like?

But Yohji may not be ready to go the way of Lacroix just yet. Today, the house announced a new financial team to help navigate it through these financial difficulties. If we may, we’d also like to suggest taking a cue from Comme des Garçons, which also took Paris by storm in the eighties. Despite its eccentric collections, Comme has diversified enough to produce an array of products that keep its less accessible ventures comfortably funded. So we say, thank goodness for Y-3, but here’s hoping Yohji will partner with a fast-fashion chain on a limited-edition capsule collection. We’ve done worse for less. 

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