Weird and Wonderful: Fat Meets Fashion

Coco Chanel looks mildly bemused as a semi-nude buxom creature whacks out her titties in a joyful display of burlesque vulgarity. Behold fashion’s view of overweight people: They’re out of control!

Karl Lagerfeld, the man behind the lens, claimed just a few months ago that “No one wants to see curvy women.” That was before his editorial in the January issue of V, the latest magazine to stoke the weight debate. Here, the woman is not only curvy, she’s the court jester, desperately trying to get our attention with nipple action and hooker make-up.

Let’s face it, no matter how many camellias and Chanel accessories she places around her body, she can never be truly stylish in the eyes of fashion, which simply doesn’t portray curvy women as chic, and it never makes them naturally beautiful. Instead it puts them in flesh-displaying, in-your-face publicity stunts.

While weird and wonderful, these rotund ladies are not an example of fashion embracing love handles. They serve as warnings, asking the cautionary question: Do you really want to look like a porn-clown, ladies?

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