Tat Tricks

While loath to go chola for spring (see Iris Strubegger and Michelle Westgeest at Jean Paul Gaultier), we’re all for a little faux-naughtiness courtesy of the Kaiser. Beginning next month at Chanel.com, would-be bad girls can buy Les Trompe L’Oeil de Chanel Temporary Skin Art, based on runway looks first glimpsed last October. While the Mulleavy sisters technically kickstarted the body-art trend with their Mad Max-meets-Edward Scissorhands spring collection, tribal paint just doesn’t have the same allure as a double-C chain hovering, garter-like, above the knee. And, at about $78 for a pack of 55, Chanel’s latest accessory is waaaay cheaper than any camellia cuff and waaaay less committal than a baby daddy neck tattoo. 

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