Hooked: ffiXXed

In the grand tradition of brainy fashion-art collectives, ffiXXed comes to you with a cryptic moniker, suggesting tricked-out garments that practically require a degree in semiotics to be deciphered. But contrary to expectations, this latest partnership of art and commerce—the brainchild of Australians Kain Picken and Fiona Lau, now based in New York—yields some covetable and highly wearable pieces.

Of course, with some heavy-duty art-world cred (Kain also works as a video artist and sculptor, while Fiona held a stint at Bless), the two couldn’t resist a few whoppers, i.e. Mulilayered Parallex Wrap and Unseen Utopias, the title of the spring collection. But our favorite nod to conceptualism has to be the simple and chic Bookhanger Neck Chain. The crafty accessory offers a deep drapeage that works not only for storing books—perhaps a thumbed philosophical edition of Adorno, US Weekly or other knick-knackery—but also doubles as whimsical jewelry. You’re bound to find a clever use for it, and feel all the smarter for doing so. 

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