Priestess NYC Bangles

We’ve long been fans of the “go big or go home” ethos—and yes, that applies to jewelry, too. But while we wouldn’t call Priestess NYC’s bangles “statement jewelry,” they nevertheless beg to be seen. And squeezed, because they’re made from a blend of organic cotton, silk and foam. Inspired by The A Team (Mr. T did love his bling) and Miami Vice, the bracelets are clearly 80s-reminiscent, surprisingly versatile and made to be layered. We got our hands on a limited quantity of black and white with silver accents that sold out at Colette and Apartment, plus a Hint exclusive: black on black. Now get stacked.

$8 (single) / $20 (x3)

Details: approximately 4″ in diameter, made of organic cotton, silk and foam interior.

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