Hint Tip: Butt Calendar

It might not be the best Christmas present for your mom, but you can be sure that Butt’s 2010 calendar—a page-turning portfolio of bewhiskered men in various states of undress and with various degrees of, shall we say, tumescence—will please many a gay friend. Browsing through it is a little like cruising guys at a camp 70’s leather bar.

“We wanted homos from all over the world,” says the Dutch magazine’s editor-in-chief Felix Burrichter, “so we asked our readers to submit photographs, either of themselves, their boyfriends, or fuck buddies. The response was amazing.” With over 300 pictures to choose from, the editorial team decided to do the calendar its way, featuring 61 guys over 54 weeks and highlighting “super gay“ dates like April 7, the day in 1998 that George Michael was arrested in a Beverly Hills restroom, and August 15, the day in 1911 that Crisco was introduced. Renowned photographers like Bruce LaBruce, Alasdair McLellan and Wolfgang Tillmans get the same treatment as unknowns, while sexy posers share tidbits of their lives (Julian, a former cover boy who flaunted his plump body and revealed his love of “daddies” three years ago, now has the figure of an athlete). The result is an exquisite, Warholian pleasure.