Hint Tip: Dieter Rams at Colette

“Less, but better” may not be a well-used motto for a lot of designers (you know who you are), but Undercover’s Jun Takahashi took the Dieter Rams edict to heart for spring. Inspired by his minimalist aesthetic, Takahashi created a streamlined collection of dresses, jackets and anoraks using the greige palette, orange buttons and perforated patches found on the industrial designer’s stereo speakers.

But wait, there’s more. Suggesting a full-on Rams moment, Colette will also feature an installation of the German’s sleek Vitsœ shelving in January (juxtaposed with some very American images of the Wild West by photographer Jim Krantz). Of course, those who prefer their clean lines in sartorial form can naturally score Undercover at Colette. 

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