All good Otaku know that a robot’s prime directive is to “serve and protect” humanity. While most Japanese research has focused on practical applications to do this, the ROBO-ONE GATE robot competition reminds us of another important aspect of that mandate: entertainment. As the blog Biped Robot News Japan reports, “ROBO-ONE GATE has aimed toward the development of the biped robot competition which it can participate with ease even with the beginner, and the demand enlargement of humanoid hobby robot. Robot dancing is expected to be a new popular robot competition.” While not the winner, our hearts were stolen by the ultra-kawaii Nichibu Tokotoko Special in the video below. Now if team Tokotoko can just collaborate with the scientists who created the catwalk droid Miim, then humankind will be served even more fashionably. Are you listening, Alexander McQueen?

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