Headline Trip

Calvin Klein’s Francisco Costa reminisces on his Brazilian homeland, including the unexpected joys of public transportation: “It’s so tight and on Sunday’s everyone’s in a bathing suit. They go superfast. It’s a very interesting ride, let’s put it that way.” (W)

Fashion advice from a thirteen-year-old: visions of a tween prodigy or shameless marketing ploy? You decide. (The Cut)

Talk about an unexpected plot twist. Cinema auteur David Lynch is set to direct the new Lady Dior advert. We’re hoping for more Mulholland Drive glamour, less Twin Peaks creepiness, but are willing to compromise. (Independent UK)

At long last, a brave soul calls out the empress for having no clothes—or too many. Antonio Berardi turned down a collaboration with Lady Gaga, citing her “meaningless” music. (Herald Sun)

We hear that bells were jingling (among other things) at the Marc Jacobs holiday party last night in San Francisco, hosted by Robert Duffy, which included a “Best Employee Bum” contest. Talk about company spirit. 

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