Weird and Wonderful: Ryan McGinley and The Rodartes

It does sound like a rock group, doesn’t it? When Hint broke the weird and wonderful news that Ryan McGinley was shooting a spread with Olympic athletes dressed in Rodarte, I think most people immediately pictured loose knits stretched beyond recognition by rippling muscles. No? Was it just me? Well, maybe it’ll be more like Ryan’s album cover for the Icelandic band Sigur Rós, i.e. naked youngsters careening through nature, merged with the Mulleavy sisters’ recent shoots in U.S. national parks for POP and Purple. Fashion, art, nudity, nature!

But let’s be realistic. Ryan has been shooting in Utah, and it’s for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. So there will likely be lots of snow and bundling-up, maybe some Mormon references (in retrospect, those braids in the last Rodarte show were straight out of a compound) and Mad Max end-of-civilization antics. Tina Turner in Thunderdome meets Chloë Sevigny in Big Love hanging out with Taylor Lautner and a pack of gay werewolves. Whatever the case, they should start a band.

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