Shop Hopping

We’re hard-pressed to define New Zealand fashion (although we’re pretty sure it doesn’t involve UGGs, unlike their Aussie neighbors—phew!), but we’re going to assume that Children of Vision is making it better. Based in Auckland, the concept store is a veritable portal to new dimensions, including the strange and wondrous worlds of Bernhard Willhelm, Cassette Playa and Peter Jensen. You’ll also find under-the-radar Australian faves like Trust Fun and TV. But here’s the clincher: they just launched a new online shop with free international shipping until Christmas (on orders $100 NZD and up)… Chanel is jumping on the Orient Express, so to speak, debuting a boutique in the heart of Shanghai on Monday. Designed by our favorite leather-daddy architect, Peter Marino, the space is inspired by Mademoiselle’s Chinoiserie trinkets—but more Wong Kar Wai than The Last Emperor. Karl Lagerfeld himself will be in the city when he presents the latest Métiers d’Art collection later this week… It’s getting nippy out; all the more reason to keep those naughty bits nice and cozy. Sonia Rykiel is lending a helping hand, unveiling her much anticipated lingerie collection for H&M on Saturday. The line is brimming with flirty underthings crafted with her inimitable Parisian touch. In a first, the collection will also be stocked at Rykiel boutiques, giving you the unprecedented choice of being trampled by unruly masses or a selective clientele… We know what you’re thinking: not another outpost for L.A. hipsters to dig for vintage eyeglass frames. But the latest comes with enviable pedigree. A. Kinney Court is the brainchild of Garret Leight, son of Larry Leight, founder of Oliver People’s. Nestled in West L.A., the new boutique boasts an enviable array of rare styles, including a hefty selection from the Oliver People’s archive, like round and clip-on varieties (in original packaging, no less). We say bite the bullet and brave the hipster hordes… Just in time for Christmas, the kids at DobeDo in London are launching their second series of specially commissioned tees by photographers, this time showcasing Juergen Teller, David Sims, Jason Evans, Naima Karlsson and Nigel Shafran. And what a deal: all five for just 100 quid.