Art on the Beach

We know right now it’s all about turkeys and pies, but before you slide into that food coma, we want to remind you that just a short week away is Art Basel Miami (Dec. 3-6), one of the world’s major art fairs and the art world’s equivalent of spring break. After a few drab installments, this year seems to be returning to pre-recession fab-ness (much like fashion, the art world quickly tires of recessions). Here’s a few morsels to tempt your palate:

  • In conjunction with the Design District, Fendi will present the F Factory, a retail project featuring the brand’s most coveted items—namely those pricey bags—and three site-specific performances from French proprietor/provocateur Andre.

  • Viktor & Rolf will host an opening night bash, hopefully catching the art world on an upswing before it slips into overload.

  • Joseph Altuzarra will also host a fete, assuring that the fashion faithful will flock to Ocean Drive. This, in addition to countless private dinners, gallery bashes and some sort of beach-friendly version of Le Baron will ensure that the Raleigh will be hopping long after the Convention Center closes.

  • And, of course, the art! This year look for a new generation of art stars making their international debut. The buzz is with West Coast artists, such as Los Angeles painter Conrad Ruiz, who comes to the fair with a sold out graduation show and a couple pieces in museum permanent collections. Not bad for only 26. Expect those spastic large-scale canvases to clear out faster than a gala after the champers is tapped.

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