Master Race

We’re not usually one for awards shows, but this year’s Oscar race is getting juicy. It seems there’s a good chance the red carpet may turn into a fashion match-up. It’s just been announced that Matt Tyrneaur’s acclaimed documentary, Valentino: The Last Emperor, has made the short list for non-fiction nominees (that means documentary, in film-nerd speak). This combined with the building buzz over Tom Ford’s directorial dalliance, A Single Man, means that two fashion titans could duke it out on the red carpet in an epic battle between day-glo skin and impeccable chest hair, even if they won’t technically be in the same category. The only way this could have better is if The September Issue and Lagerfeld Confidential made the list, meaning a sculptural bob would go head-to-head with a powdered peruke. We’re still hoping for a few surprises, such as a Best Supporting Actor nod to Giancarlo Giammetti and his amazing one-liners, and maybe even one for the legendary tan itself, certainly a lifetime achievement. Whatever the case, we’ll have our fingers crossed when noms are announced on February 2.

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