Cotton, Candy

Our slumber party tastes have always run more Flashdance than Girls Just Want to Have Fun, but the idea of a little PJ-clad PG entertainment was too tempting to pass up last night. So we tricycled over to the Ace Hotel for the Creative Time-sponsored launch of painter Will Cotton‘s limited-edition, unisex pajamas, where guests were treated to a sugary spread of epic proportions. Cookies, macaroons and mini-cakes sat high atop tiered porcelain plates, mimicking the surrealist confectionery landscapes for which Cotton is best-known.

Hosts Terence Koh, Humberto Leon and Philip Lim were there, Koh garbed in an oversized white parka and kiddie-appropriate Mickey Mouse sweatshirt. Though the dress code was “boudoirs and bachelor pads,” the dearth of intimate apparel made us think the slumber party conceit may have been a little off-putting. Perhaps the kids were simply more accustomed to donning their underthings after hours—or doing sleepovers in the buff.

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