Start Your Art

Because owning art should be mandatory even in tiresome recessions, Another Magazine has collaborated with several artists featured during its nine-year history to create limited-edition, small-scale, easily collectible pieces. “I always wanted the magazine to have its own beautiful art collection,” ed-in-chief Jefferson Hack told us. “You could say the inspiration came from Interview and Andy Warhol. I remember going to their offices and being blown away by incredible Warhols and lots of other artists like Haring and Basquiat.”

For Another Art Editions, brothers and artists Jake and Dinos Chapman have produced a run of 120 hand-colored etchings, American artist Tom Friedman has sculpted Silver Guitarist in silver foil and Vera Lehndorff (aka Veruschka), who was all about body-painting in the ’70s, has reprinted a photograph with then-collaborator Holger Trulzsch. All available at, where items from Gareth Pugh and Raf Simons can also be had.

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