You’re an Animal

It’s hard to imagine Yohji Yamamoto, the highly cerebral—and very straight—Japanese designer, eyeing his male models as they undress for his runway fittings. Yet those steamy pre-show moments have inspired the boldest underwear statement since Travis Fimmel flaunted that bulge in those iconic Calvin Klein ads.

“We would always see a wide variety of briefs and boxer shorts during fittings—red, blue, green, checked, flowery, striped. So I thought I should come up with some very exclusive underwear,” Yamamoto told us.

Exclusive it is. Nothing else looks like these beautiful yet aggressive silky boxer shorts, printed with images of ferocious, virile animals—tigers, wolves and cobras evocative of ancient fables—and cinched with a branded elastic band. Think Muhammad Ali meets Marky Mark. Or Underoos gone wild.

Prices range from $900 to $2250, so unless you see luxury as an intimate matter or think enough people will see them otherwise (ahem), you might as well put the trunks over your pants, like those male models did on the runway. These aren’t your dad’s BVDs.

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