Weird and Wonderful: Carine Roitfeld

When socialite Nan Kempner went to fancy New York restaurants in the sixties dressed in Yves Saint Laurent pantsuits, she wasn’t allowed in. These days, pants on women are about as scandalous as skim milk, but who says there are no more style revolutions to be had? Like wearing no pants at all. In New York last week, Vogue Paris’ Carine Roitfeld rocked the pants-less look—save for a thin layer of black lace—to an art show her son Vladimir put together.

Okay, sure, it’s possible no one in the art world even noticed, but would Michelle Obama let her into a White House dinner dressed (or undressed) like that? I think not. Yet it’s quite possibly the future. In ten years we could see First Ladies themselves greeting foreign dignitaries wearing nothing more than a pair of expensive underwear. It would be the epitome of relaxed elegance.

The mind boggles to think of how far we’ve come. Sixties icon Edie Sedgwick pioneered the look in her heyday, albeit drunkenly, and now it’s on the verge of full fashion bloom. Yes, it’s probably the silliest look ever invented, but it just might be the style revolution we’ve been waiting for.

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