Class Act

While other labels attach themselves to rock stars, puerile starlets and daft bloggers, Jil Sander is all class, recruiting Ensemble Berlin—classically trained musicians from the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra—to play the likes of Mozart and Puccini at a little get-together for its bespoke men’s line, Sartorial. With nimble hands and red faces, the seven-member group descended on their violins, bassoons and clarinets with gusto, sending melodies and crescendoes crashing against the marble-staircase backdrop and scattering across the store. Who knew the Germaine Kruip-designed space was so acoustically attuned? After the four-song set, we perused the fine British-tailored, Italian-made shirting, suiting and shoes that make up Jil Sander’s most exclusive product line for men, feeling like we’d just spent a civilized night at the opera.

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