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For those wondering when Raf Simons would beef up his online presence, the answer is: How Soon Is Now? The Smiths’ anthem is one of many tracks on the just-launched, music-driven, high-energy website that invites, nay, demands exploration into its farthest reaches. You’ll get blissfully lost in Archives or find yourself poking around Diary, where you can ogle male models at fittings and learn Raf’s favorite bands. Top of the list is Fever Ray—us, too!… While other luxury brands may be breaking a sweat, the house that Coco built is sitting pretty, leisurely preening its many camellias. Next on Chanel’s nonplussed agenda: the relaunch of its San Francisco boutique, to be unveiled next week with an old-fashioned bash that includes The Misshapes—how pre-recession! We’re hearing rumors of a cameo by the Kaiser himself, but with the bounty of leather bars in the area there’s bound to be some confusion… After a few teasers (sending a stray gal or two into the testosterone mix), menswear wunderkind Damir Doma has announced the launch of a full women’s collection, to debut in Paris next March. Expect lots of signature draping and androgyny… No stranger to striking a pose, Madonna is following her stint at Louis Vuitton by starring in Dolce & Gabbana’s spring ’10 campaign. Shot in Brooklyn by Steven Klein, it conjures up a whole lotta déjà vu, which makes us wonder why this hadn’t happened before—or maybe it has… If you want an arty antidote to updates and tweets, pop into Phaidon’s new temporary store in Soho (100 Wooster Street through January), which houses an incredible array of glossy art books that will hike up your bookishness without actually having to read much… The lowly tee gets the royal treatment with a new exhibition at Bielefelder Kunstverein gallery (we can’t pronounce it either). On view through January 4, More Than a Shirt showcases the countless permutations the t-shirt has undergone, from pressed to printed, including contributions by German faves Bless and Postweiler Hauber.

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