MP3: Tanlines

We’re hopeless when it comes to tans and, believe it or not, we’re too chicken to sunbathe in the nude. So we’ll leave it to the Brooklyn-based duo Tanlines to live in a perpetual summer, where tropical New Flowers thrive eternally and no one ever has sand in the crack.

Between their breakbeat rhythms, ethereal guitar fills and aggressively happy synth melodies, Tanlines have been able to steal nearly every show they play, igniting a room of maladjusted skeptics into an undulating wave of seizing, sweaty savages. Their harmonic moans and accelerated back-beats could read Animal Collective, but Tanlines add a dose of nectar to the mix, taking an offbeat approach to dance music and spinning it into a golden new direction.

Look for the band’s forthcoming release on Matador’s recently purchased True Panther Sounds label in 2010.

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