Flyer on the Wall: Giuseppe Virgone

This Saturday at RA, Antwerp’s newest boutique, men’s designer Giuseppe Virgone will stage a “ritual” called Un Animal Devra Mourir (An Animal Must Die), with a musical performance by Nemoi and the scenography of Guillaume Airiaud. Since obviously they’re going for an air of mystery, details are scant, but here’s a poem offered up by the designer, because apparently you can’t have a ritual without iambic pentameter…

the body is a tragedy, a confrontation between life and death.
the body is a weakness, unformed, and full of promises.
my collection evokes the mortal fate of the man,
an unconditional love for a beast and the misunderstanding of certain inequitable acts.
i do not look for absolute. Just a happy medium between life and death,
as if the body became the heart of the tragedy.
the tragedy is not only a suffering, it is just here, imposing a new glance on the world.
she created herself a personnal mental space.
she frightens because her acts are unjustified.
the tragedy as the man begins to elaborate movements in a nothingness, searching for an identity.
from there, begins a conflict between cultures and man.
the animal is in us, or around us, it is present in our movements and our thoughts.

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