General Idea T-Shirts

General Ideaa street-inspired, high-end men’s line from South Korea—was the sleeper hit of the New York spring collections, and we’re not just saying that to sell merch. We seriously heard more than one stylist gush about the stateside debut of designer Bumsuk Choi, who’s shown the line in Seoul for several seasons, becoming the youngest designer to join Seoul Fashion Week. A part-time DJ, he’s also collaborated with Puma, Heineken, Absolut and Renault on the design of a race car. You could say he’s the South Korean Rei Kawakubo, and to prove it, the words on these shirts appear to make sense (“The world is not enough…”), only to turn conceptual, curl around the back and end in gibberish. Very Comme.


Details: 100% cotton, comes in nice packaging.

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