Twin Set

In the print vs digital debate, at least one person believes it’s not up to a bunch of underage bloggers to decide the future of fashion. That person is Becky Smith, the former creative director of Lula magazine, who, together with British Vogue’s Aimee Farrell and stylist Celestine Cooney, has conceived of Twin, a hard-bound fashion and style biannual that launched with a very offline bash last night in London.

“The book is designed by women for women” explains Smith. “Coming from designing Lula for five years, I wanted to take that Lula girl and make her older, a little bit more independent.” With girl-power kick, Twin’s first issue continues exactly where Lula left off, with articles by Britain’s first female poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy, feminist author Sheila Rowbotham and performance artist Miranda July, as well as editorials shot by Ben Weller, Carlotta Manaigo and Mari Sarai.

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