Headline Trip

The fruit of a rock legend and model icon is to become the new face of Versace. It’s not such a stretch for Georgia Jagger to follow in mum’s footsteps, but we still have gene envy. (Grazia)

Speaking of, Donatella spills her guts in an interview with Guy Trebay, which can be summed up in one quote: “I was dressed up, very glamorous, and I went to the bathroom to do a line.” (NY Times)

Sounding like the long-lost fourth Heather in Heathers, a new and (h)improved Tom Ford wants to have it both ways: “Just because I’ve become spiritual doesn’t mean I can’t love crocodile.” (W)

There might be some life in the old girl yet. Madame Vionnet’s first retrospective makes us think so, rekindling hopes for (yet another) possible comeback for the house. (WSJ)

Tired of fashion being too recession-friendly (read boring)? Brigitte Nicole is, too. So the Opening Ceremony sales associate launched a new zine, FashionFUCK, injecting some much-needed grit back into the mix. (OC)

It never hurts to have a back-up plan. Apparently Thom Browne is looking into the white cube, moonlighting as a curator with an exhibit at his Tribeca store through November 11. (WWD)

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