MP3: Jessica 6

If the group’s logo is any indication, Jessica 6 has six legs. Those legs belong to Morgan Wiley, Andrew Raposo and vocal savant Nomi Ruiz (of Hercules & Love Affair fame), and they’re using them to kick up some insane-o-dance rhythms and spooky sex jams on their debut single, Fun Girl. Briefly known as Deep Red, the group met while touring with their respective bands—Morgan and Andrew in DFA-christened Automato and Nomi in Hercules—as well as in support of her debut solo album, Lost in Lust.

Nomi’s voice is undoubtedly one of exception in dance music, both smooth and chilling, vulnerable and aggressive. Combined with Fun Girl’s grinding bass wave and astral synth halo, Jessica 6 feels equal parts destined and chemical. The single was released earlier this summer and has already enjoyed a smattering of remixes, posted on the band’s myspace page. This past weekend the group cast a spell over the bewitched creatures of the night at the Tribeca Grand, and Fun Girl was all the Halloween treat any of us could have ever wanted.

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