Hint Tip: Supermodel of the World

Seems like everyone’s launching a model search these days, but nothing beats the original. For 30 years, Ford Models has put out its pretty tentacles to all corners of the world, inviting 50 hopefuls from as many countries to compete in its Supermodel of the World contest for a chance to win a $250,000 contract and a future filled with day fees, hot boyfriends and chafed elbows.

Risking a repeat of that hair-pulling stampede from an America’s Next Top Model casting, Ford will hold the search for its U.S representative on November 21 in New York and Los Angeles. Bookers will be on hand to meet the girls, take polaroids and of course see them walk, all leading up to the world finals in Sao Paulo, Brazil. If you’re as tall as a giraffe and you want to follow in the high heels of Chanel Iman, Alexina Graham and Jacquelyn Jablonski, register here and start practicing.

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