Headline Trip

Here’s a good reason to get married: alimony. Stephanie Seymour has just been awarded a $270,000 month allowance (a trifle, really) from Peter Brant until their marriage is dissolved. (Page Six)

Taking a break from onscreen genital mutilation, Charlotte Gainsbourg is putting the finishing touches on her new album, to drop this January. But you can get an early taste with her much-anticipated duet with Beck. Just don’t ask us what we think of it. (Pitchfork)

Finally, a chance to bid on an hour with Sir Philip Green. Falling somewhere between Make-A-Wish and abuse of the filthy rich, it’s for a good cause at least. (Vogue UK)

Opening next week, MOMA’s ode to Bauhaus (the school) is the perfect jump on our New Year’s resolution to make time for more arty things so we don’t look blank-faced at the next random Art Awards. (W Blog)

Did you know today is Anna Wintour’s birthday? Okay, it’s not quite a national holiday, but certainly a day of observance for the fashion faithful. We wouldn’t dare reveal her age, but will defer to those who are braver. (The Cut)

Tom Binns’ 80s redux looks like a Sid and Nancy rummage sale, but without the drugs. Proceed at your own risk. (NY Times)

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