Hooked: Saltalamacchia for Zero

Aside from her grandmother’s dexterous knitting and tongue-twisting maiden name, nothing says granny about Victoria Simes’ Saltalamacchia line. It started out as a complement to the stylist-turned-jeweler’s various art projects, but before long the one-off pieces had developed into a capsule collection, woven and pieced together from an intriguing array of wood, horsehair, chain, yarn, snakeskin, rope, human hair—randomness you’d expect to find in Buffalo Bill’s closet.

Clearly a dark romanticism runs throughout, but Simes is quick to avoid clichés like bondage, horse crops and other things Madonna would have accessorized with in the early 90s. Instead she opts for an unexpected sparseness, as seen in her latest collection, a collaboration with Zero Maria Cornejo. Showcased on the spring runway, the line features bold, molded wood pieces that recall the structural rigor of architect Daniel Holguin, her inspiration.

Our favorite is a the red-oak crescent necklace with an elastic band ($300 or $500, for small or large). It’s pure minimalist simplicity without the off-putting severity. Plus it swings both ways, wearable by boys and girls. But be sure to place your order soon as the waiting list is already filling up at Zero Maria Cornejo boutiques.

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