One Two Punch

Ever since news broke that Lady Gaga was teaming up with Beyoncé, we’ve been looking forward to the biggest she-showdown since Courtney Love hurled her compact at Madonna post-VMAs (if you have nineties memory loss, here’s a reminder). Big talent, big egos, big fashion risks—this had all the makings of a latter day Mothra versus Godzilla, but with shoulder pads and hair extensions as weapons.

But alas, the duo are throwing us for a loop. In a radio interview, Lady Gaga dished that far from a diva duel, the video shoot earlier this month was a veritable love-fest. In fact, her Gaga-ness took the bestie act to its logical conclusion for the video, taking on the persona of Beyoncé’s alter-ego, Sasha Fierce. Wait, let’s run through that again: the fictitious stage creation “Lady Gaga” impersonating Beyoncé’s imaginary stage double, Sasha Fierce? In the old days, Thierry Mugler would have based an entire collection on the very idea; now it just makes us dizzy.

Images leaked today show the Sasha-Gaga hybrid looking like Playboy Bunnies from outer space, complete with corseted bodysuits and elbow gloves. And this isn’t the end of it. The duo hinted that more collaborations are in the works. Stay tuned for all the glory and glamour when Video Phone hits the airways. 

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