A Bite Out of the App

Gucci’s latest entry in the global lifestyle market isn’t an It-bag or a fur vest, but the glossy new Icon-Temporary app for the iPhone. A free download at the official App Store, the cyber foray grants Gucci-philes access to exclusive Gucci products (such as a new sneaker collaboration with DJ/producer Mark Ronson, available only via iPhone), videos, fashion shows, events and playlists from both Ronson and Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini. It’s inspiration-on-the-go. Our favorite offering, however, has to be Gucci Beats, a virtual turntable that lets users mix their own music.

“Apps are the new virtual accessory, so I approached the design of Gucci’s first app in the same way I do with a bag or shoe from my collections,” said Giannini, who collaborated with Ronson on the development of the app. Between this and the playlists, we’re thinking maybe we can stand in for Ronson if, you know, he gets a touch of the swine flu or something.

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