Mineral Rights

We’re not naming names but we have, um, a “friend” who’s hung onto a discontinued pewter-taupe eyeliner for something like 17 years. It’s become a kind of trashed-out artifact from an archeological dig through her makeup bags, something she treasures and won’t even use anymore because it’s too precious. She’s been on the hunt for a replacement mineral cosmetic ever since, but no matter what she does, the dust goes everywhere and it looks like she murdered a fairy in the bathroom sink. Until Alima Pure came along with their Pearluster Eyeshadow in Quartz, and the rest of the line with its richly pigmented colors that most brands can’t even dream of. Take, for instance, their countless shades of a blackened-denim eyeshadow/liner—one slightly violet, one iridescent, one more pigmented, one metallic, one sparkly, one sueded and so on. Same goes with their foundation and blush color palette. The best thing is each product has one ingredient, and then maybe a dash or three of something else. That’s it, and it’s all been certified by the super-picky organic German ecolabel BDIH (and you know how strict those Germans are). So have fun stacking up these pots of goodness; everything is under $20 on their website.

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