Lacroix, Sweetie, Lacroix

Though his legendary house may be caught in fashion limbo, Christian Lacroix is hardly resting on his embroidered laurels. He sat down recently for an in-depth interview with the blog Un Nouveau Ideal (or rather, a preview of a later interview) and sounded off on everything from the fast-fashion fray to the new breed of vanguard designers (he likes Bernhard Willhelm and Rodarte). And of course he discusses the future of couture, along with the prospects for his namesake atelier. Surprisingly, the forthright couturier gives an appreciative nod to “clever brands” like Uniqlo, H&M and Zara, with their strong connections to street culture. Perhaps there’s a collaboration in the works? Lacroix for H&M? We swoon at the thought.

More surprisingly, Lacroix has some stern words for the magazine industry and its narcissistic tendencies (he uses less polite phrasing, but you can read that for yourself).

As for what the future holds, he’s hopeful of the possibilities, and already hard at work on his new incarnation. This is all very timely since his fate will be decided by a French tribunal tomorrow—and whatever the decision, we hope the outcome guarantees countless reinventions of those inimitable taffeta poufs. 

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