Gucci Icon-Temporary Launch

“Have you downloaded my app?” Frida Giannini asked us at the launch party for Gucci’s Icon-Temporary sneaker collection with Mark Ronson, in what might become fashion’s new catchphrase. The flash store will remain open at 43 Crosby St., New York, for only two weeks, hence the urgency. “Of course, Frida!” we replied. Satisfied, she dashed off to throw her arms around Gucci-clad guests Mary J. Blige, Wyclef Jean, Mischa Barton, Claire Danes and Evan Rachel Woods.

Apps, Icon, Gucci, Ronson. It’s chaos, you say! No, it’s a collaboration. Let’s review. Teaming up with Ronson, Gucci created an iPhone app that’s actually pretty robust, letting you do a lot more than the average widget, everything from accessing exclusive streams and playlists to mixing your own tracks on a virtual turntable. You can even get advice from Giannini herself. And, of course, you can buy sneakers.

Next up for the traveling store is Miami’s Design District, coinciding with Art Basel Miami and Design Miami, followed by London and Tokyo in 2010. But first, what’s a party without an after-party? At the Bowery Hotel, no less, where we glimpsed James Franco, in head-to-toe Gucci, serving slouchy-cool as he bopped along to Chauffeur, the live band conceived and fronted by Ronson for one night only. When we asked him about it later, Ronson said, “It’s a flash band!” But of course.

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