Shop Hopping

For some, Russian dressing conjures images of the Czars—endangered furs, Fabergé-like embellishments—and for others it recalls a delicious way to season a salad. But in downtown Moscow, not far from the Kremlin, Kuznetskiy Most 20 is serving up a different story. With its Soviet-like severity (white walls and linoleum floors), the boutique creates the perfect backdrop for its contrarian selection of Bless, Rick Owens, Comme Des Garçons and Husam el Odeh jewelry… Knitwear nut Tom Scott has chosen the Lower East Side for his first stand-alone shop. Housed at 55 Clinton Street (just a knitting needle’s throw from his apartment), the small boutique features a select range of his coveted wooly staples. Come spring, look for his Repeat Performance line, reissued pieces from the archives… Recession or no, Louis Vuitton is braving the Siberian Tundra, unveiling its first location in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, later this month. We’re still consulting our atlas for the exact whereabouts, but you can bet it’ll be stocked full of LV goodies, maybe even something for the yak population… H&M’s upcoming collaboration with Jimmy Choo has already sent hearts aflutter and blogs atwittering. While it doesn’t hit stores till November, the retailer released a preview video to whip up the frenzy. Think studded and fringed Big City glamour… Finally, the ubiquitous biker jacket is getting the deluxe treatment from ACNE with a special capsule collection. Eight styles come slashed, distressed, graffitied and even gilded—but never stray far from the iconic shape. Available at

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