Hint Tip: C.P. Company

Everyone has a signature. Louis Vuitton has its monogram; Anna Wintour has her bob; Karl Lagerfeld has his frost. For men’s label C.P. Company, it’s the Goggle Jacket, a rugged, explorer-style piece of outerwear seemingly made for the guy who wants to chop down trees on the moon or the astronaut who wants to crab-fish in the North Pacific. But no. Tweaked at various times over the years, it was actually created by the late, great Massimo Osti for Italy’s Mille Miglia (Thousand Miles) open-road endurance race in the late eighties. Which means, of course, it’s time for a vigentennial (20-year) celebration. On October 22, at Henry Moore Gallery at the Royal College of Art in London, C.P. Company will present Past and Future (open to the public Oct. 23 & 24), an exhibition curated by Aitor Throup, the enigmatic designer who also created this extra-rugged limited edition.

In an interview once, Aitor told us that when he was a teenager growing up in the north of England, he and his friends were “fascinated” with anything that came from Massimo Osti. Aitor even worked at a C.P. Company store for a while. “Then I spent one summer in Majorca working in a restaurant,” he said. “I was really missing those winter jackets and jumpers from C.P. Company and Stone Island, so I was sitting around doing nothing one day and I took a little paper place mat and began doodling…and the clothes started getting really detailed, more C.P.-esque. Then I thought, why not go back and show the drawings to them.” See? A little passion and determination (okay, a lot) go a long way.

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